Sunday, October 23, 2011


Why do we need to get hyper with being politically correct?

When people start throwing books of law at each other, it can be taken for granted that they have entered the phase of intolerant shouting where it is meritorious to be ‘politically correct’ and to be ‘tolerant’. Nice as these terms seem, it is important to see the littleness of it. There is a need to raise the consciousness of the Monkey debate to another level.

Going back to the Australian tour of India… there was not one rather there were two monkeys that day; the two were in the stands looking at the player on the field and behaving like monkeys.

What is so bad about being called a monkey after all…? Humans look more like bears rather than fish and look more like monkeys than like bears… and if we were to include black and white monkeys then the farer of the human lot look like white monkeys and the darker look like black monkeys… so what’s the great deal?

The real issue is whether one has made a monkey of you!!!

Some nitwit called someone else monkey and a monkey is born in everyone’s head… can’t we break free from that… be free… look at the monkeys and laugh at them… they are not to be taken seriously… And much less spend so much print and energy, and BCCI and ICC time on such issues…

You will be serious about it only if they have succeeded in making a monkey of you…

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